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Fasteners (Studs Bolts & Nuts): NES833, 834, 835 C63000, C63200, CA104, PB102, PB103 & DEF STAN

Energy Bolting supply fasteners and machined components in a variety of non-ferrous materials.


Industries & Use Applications

Bronze metals are primarily used within Marine, Naval, Defense and Aerospace industries.

Use applications include:

Fasteners, tooling, pump & valve components, non-magnetic parts, marine hardware, gears, bearings, bushes, wear plates, instrumentation components, drive shafts & weapons handling equipment.


Product & Materials

Raw Material, Engineer Studs, Hex Nuts & Machined Components to customer drawing.

Commonly used materials for production of fasteners & machined components.

Phosphor Bronze


PB102 is the standard grade of wrought phosphor bronze, containing additions of around 5% tin and up to 0.4% phosphorus to enhance its wear resistance

Related Specifications

C51000, CW451K, NES838, DGS376, BS2874, EN 12163, CuSn5


PB103 phosphor bronze containing 6% tin, the tin content, which is higher than in PB102, gives the alloy improved wear resistance and higher strength properties

Related Specifications

C51900, CW452K, BS2870, 2.1020 ,NF A51-108, CuSn6, CuSn6P (FR)


Aluminium / Nickel Aluminium Bronze


CA104 is a wrought high strength bronze alloy with additions of 10% Aluminium, 5% Nickel and 5% iron offering an excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Related Specifications

BS2874: CA104, BSEN12163: CW307G, BSB23 / BS 2B23, CuAl10Ni5Fe4


C63000 contains around 10% aluminium, 5% nickel and 3% iron. It offer high strength, good toughness and excellent wear resistance. C63000 also has excellent corrosion resistance and retention of mechanical properties at abnormal temperatures.

Related Specifications

ASTM B150: C63000, ASTM B171: C63000, AMS4640, BSEN12163: CW307G


C63200 Aluminum Nickel Bronze is copper, alloyed with nickel, iron, manganese and aluminum. C63200 demonstrates good salt water corrosion resistance and good anti-friction characteristics at both high and low temperatures.

Related Specifications

ASTM B150: C63200, ASTM B171: C62000, C63200 TQ-50 (Quench hardened & temper annealed), MIL-B-24059



DEF STAN 02-833 / NES833

DEF STAN 02-833 (NES833) is a nickel aluminium bronze similar to CA104. The main difference being that DEF STAN 02-833 has been manufactured in accordance with the MoD’s Navy requirements. To improve the corrosion resistance of the material the standard states the nickel content must always exceed the iron content. Impact values are also taken on all sizes above 15mm diameter and the material is ultrasonically tested.

Related Specifications

NES833, DEF STAN 02-833: PART 2, DEF STAN 02-729 Part 5 for Grade 1 material.

DEF STAN 02-834 / NES834

DEF STAN 02-834 (NES834) is a aluminium bronze with a 2% silicon addition to enhance strength. It has very high corrosion resistance especially in seawater and marine environments. Good Impact strength and retention of properties at sub-zero temperatures

A low magnetic permeability level of <1.005 is specified by the MoD.

Related Specifications

DEF STAN 02-834, NES834, DEF STAN 834, DGS1044

DEF STAN 02-835 / NES835

DEF STAN 02-835 is a high strength cupronickel containing around 14.5% nickel, 4.5% manganese and smaller additions of aluminium and iron. It has very high strength and corrosion resistance especially in seawater and marine environments, in addition it has high impact strength, low magnetic permeability and spark resistance.

Related Specifications

DEF STAN 02-835, NES835, C72420, DGS357, Hiduron 191


Energy Bolting specialise in the production of non ferrous fasteners & components.

Products include: Studbolts, Engineer Studs Hex nuts, Bushes, Washers, Hexagon Bolts, Hexagon Setscrews, Socket Head Capscrews, 12pt Bi-Hexagonal Bolt & Nuts, Client specific drawings and specifications

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