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ASTM A540/A540M Fasteners & Machined Components

Energy Bolting supply fasteners and machined components in ASTM A540/A540M materials.

The ASTM A540/A540M specification covers regular and special-quality alloy steel bolting that are commonly used for nuclear and other special applications.


ASTM A540/A540M Bolting Grades & Classes

B21 Class 1 - B21 Class 2 - B21 Class 3 - B21 Class 4 - B21 Class 5 B22 Class 1 - B22 Class 2 - B22 Class 3 - B22 Class 4 - B22 Class 5

B23 Class 1 - B23 Class 2 - B23 Class 3 - B23 Class 4 - B23 Class 5

B24 Class 1 - B24 Class 2 - B24 Class 3 - B24 Class 4 - B24 Class 5

B24V Class 1 - B24V Class 2 - B24V Class 3

Chemical elements differ between the material grades with mechanical properties are defined by the class.

Tensile strengths range from 115 ksi (795 MPa) to 165 ksi (1140 MPa)


Energy Bolting specialise in the production of fasteners & machined components in the above mentioned materials.

Products include: Studbolts, Hex nuts, Washers, Hexagon Bolts, Hexagon Setscrews, Socket Head Capscrews, 12pt Bi-Hexagonal Bolt & Nuts, Ring Joint Gaskets & Items to client specific drawings / specification.


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