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Ring Joint Gaskets for shutdown at oil refinery in Europe.

During critical production shutdown, a global energy company contacted Energy Bolting with an extremely urgent site requirement.


The requirement was for non-standard ring joint gaskets in 310 stainless steel, the items would need to be specially manufactured.

As is always the case during refinery shutdown - the goods were required on site within a matter of days.


Typically, this product would be supplied on a lead time of 3 weeks or more.

Energy Bolting offered the client exactly what they needed, order placed on Wednesday and goods were agreed to be on site in Europe within 3 days!

310 Stainless Steel ring joints manufactured from fully traceable European raw material and fully inspected within two days, take a look...


Only a day remained to meet clients delivery deadline and with engineers waiting on site - it was decided goods would have to be hand delivered via air.

The goods were hand delivered by Robin Hart-Archer on Saturday afternoon and installed on site Sunday morning.

Our client was extremely satisfied with our support, performance and flexibility to meet their critical deadline.



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