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A fastener supplier's blog - but why?

You've seen it hundreds of times, right? the ''latest news'' page on industry websites that were last updated in 2015.

At Energy Bolting engaging our audience and getting to know them is important, in fact - building trusted relationships is one of our core values (check them out), whether that's suppliers, customers, prospects or even our ''competitors'' *we know you're here*

What better way than creating a blog?


What to expect?

You can expect to know us better - not just our business and capabilities but also our people - we will share with you our vision, our mission, company news, important updates and give you an insight into the working lives of our biggest asset - our staff.

We are passionate about gathering feedback and scoring key interactions we have with our clients, we review and take actions based on this feedback to continuously improve for our clients. This will be implemented into our blog by sharing success stories and publishing performance related statistics.

Industry related news, product information, advice, case studies and much more....


Until next time!

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